Numbers 14:11

Work as hard as possible to push out the monster of unbelief. Do whatever it takes. It so dishonors Christ that He will withdraw his tangible presence if we insult Him by enjoying unbelief. It is true that unbelief is a weed, the seed of which we can never fully extract out of the soil of our soul – though one day it will be fully removed when the new age is ushered in with Christs return – but we must all aim at its root with all our energy and perseverance.

Among all the things a Christian is taught to hate, unbelief is the worst of them all since it is from unbelief that sin grows. The nature of unbelief is so venomous that Christ has to cut it out of us and often we are injured in the process.

Unbelief today is most wicked when you think about Gods mercies yesterday. It is very cruel for a wife or husband not to trust their spouse. With Christ, o is the perfect bridegroom – as we His church are His bride – how can we not trust him? This sin is needless, foolish and unwarranted. Jesus has never given the slightest ground for suspicion. Jesus is the Son of God and He has limitless wealth. It is wrong to mistrust such an all powerful and all sufficient savior. If Christ was only a bucket then we would have good reason to doubt, but He is a never ending foundation of living waters. He has grace upon grace forever. Limitless love and wisdom. We have no reason to ever doubt him. Brothers and sisters the grain of heaven will never run out. Millions upon millions have draw their life from Christ and He has never run dry. Do you really think He will with you? No. No. No.

Away then with this lying traitor called unbelief. In the name of Jesus this lying spirit must go now. It has no place here. This snake, this monster, this dark and wicked force has only one goal and that is to cut the bonds of communion with Christ. Bunyan said that unbelief has, “as many lives as a cat.” If this is true then let us kill one life now and continue until all nine are gone. Down with you unbelief. My heart despises you.


This commentary is based on the work of Charles Spurgeon

To know God is the highest and best form of knowledge