Mark 1:30

It is very interesting to look into the house of this apostolic fisherman. Immediately we see that house work does not stop Christian ministry. In fact they contain opportunities to personally witness the work of the Lord on your life – just like we see in verse 31. Housework could actually be one of the best teachers as well as methods of evangelism then any other discipline.

Priests and other religious leaders may set before us other forms of Christian work such as prayer, fasting and serving the poor, as both a witness and tool for personal discipleship. How valuable these activities are for our being molded into the image of the Son is for another discussion, but one thing we can say for certain is the true Christianity and household work go together.

Peters house (Simon Peter) was probably a small and humble fisherman’s hut, an unholy place for sure – just like all our houses – but the glory of the Lord entered it, stayed there and worked a miracle. If you live in a small home, do not be embarrassed but use your home to seek King Jesus. If you live in a mansion, do not be proud but use your home to seek King Jesus. However I would point out that God often visits poor and humble places more then He does grand mansions. Either way it is your heart attitude towards Him that is important. No matter what home you live in, Jesus is waiting to enter it with all the glory of the Godhead and to work miracles of all kinds – sanctification being the greatest as it says, “this is Gods will, your sanctification.”

Into Peters house sickness entered, a fever had taken out his mother-in-law and as soon as Jesus arrived people told Him of it to which a Jesus responded.

Are you sick this morning? Sick in any way. You will find Jesus a far better doctor. Go to him right now and tell Him of your sickness. Whether is he a sickness in the physical body, or a sickness of the soul, or a sickness in your community. Immediately lay the case before Him. It concerns one of His sheep and so will not be trivial for Christ.

Notice that at once the Saviour healed the sick woman, no one heals like He does. Now we do not know when Jesus will heal you or someone you know or your community. But we do know that the Lord as the cause and faith as the instrument (or tool) for your restoration is far more likely to heal you today then any other power on earth. However always remember that if we do not see healing, we still can say that the Lord is good, that God is holy and loving and pure and that He is always faithful to His covenant of blood. We still have no reason to doubt because of who God is as our faithful Creator. Life and death are in His hands and so if death arrives now, or life, I rejoice in all things. Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice.

The soft heart of Jesus waits to hear our cries. Let us go pour our hearts out before His throne.


This commentary is based on the work of Charles Spurgeon

To know God is the highest and best form of knowledge