Genesis 9:14

The rainbow, the symbol of God’s covenant with the man Noah and his decedents, it typical with our Lord Jesus who is the symbol of the New covenant.

When can we expect to see Jesus, the seal of the Covenant? Well the rainbow is only seen painted on a cloud after a storm. The clouds build and it rains. The sunlight produces a rainbow as it refracts off rain droplets. When someone’s consciousness is dark with clouds, when someone realizes their sin and repent to their Maker then the rainbow of Christ will be revealed shining the dark clouds of wickedness away. To the believer, when our trials and temptations surround us like a dark cloud, it is sweet to see the person of the Lord Jesus, bleeding, dying, risen and glorious. It is then that the rainbow appears. In repentance and rest we will find our Saviour. Gods rainbow is hung over the clouds of our sin, our sorrows and our woes to speak the message of deliverance.

As I said, It is not clouds alone which produce a rainbow, it is the crystals drops of water which act like a prism and so produces a rainbow. For us to see Christ, for us to hear His voice, our sorrows, our woes, the reality of our sin must fall upon us. We must experience the death that sin brings. We must know Gomorrah, know the city of destruction for us to turn around and run into the arms of our waiting Father. There must be real anguish in our consciousness. There must be conviction of sin for us to then see the Lord who is always and was always right in our midst.

It is not the cloud alone and the rain drops, but the sun that is needed for us to see a rainbow. Beloved, our God, who is the sun to us, is always shining but we do not always see His light. But no matter what drops may be falling or what cloud we find ourselves in, when the bright light of the Son of righteousness rises on us with healing on His rays then we will believe for faith some from hearing the word of Christ. We hear His word and believe. We come to the end of ourselves, we realize how foolish we are and raise the white flag of surrender and give in to His grace.

When Christ shines into our lives, the storm is over. When we behold Jesus our sins vanish into nothing, our fears disappear and our doubts are gone for fishy comes by hearing and seeing the word of life and the word is Christ. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us from ALL unrighteousness. The storm of sin will vanish. Demons will flee at the name of Jesus. When Jesus walks the waters, how calm do they become. Amen!


This commentary is based on the work of Charles Spurgeon

To know God is the highest and best form of knowledge