Ezekiel 36:26

The heart of stone is known for its love of sin. This is the heart of stone. Hard towards the Lord and soft towards wickedness. The heart of stone loves to have a foul imagination and to act out every kind of darkness from lying to adultery and witchcraft. This is the heart of stone. A side note here. When I talk about the heat of stone I mean the “flesh” as Paul describes it in Romans 7 and elsewhere. These are synonymous ideas.

A heart of flesh on the other hand, or “spirit” as Paul describes it, is known for its avoidance of sin. To have a foul imagination or to have an evil desire hang around is grievous for the heart of flesh. This heart is sad when sin makes its home. The heart of stone calls sin nothing, “it is just a little lie.” But not so with the heart of flesh. This heart sees even the smallest sin as a big deal. “If to the left or right I wander, discipline me oh Lord and let me weep my life away for having ignored your love.”

The heart of flesh is soft towards the will of God. The human will is strong and hard to submit to the will of God. However when the heart of stone becomes a heart of flesh (when a person is born again as John 3 describes), the will moves like a leaf in the wind, going which ever way the wind takes it. It gladly bows to the will of the Lord. The natural will is cold, hard iron, which cannot be molded into a form, but the renewed will, like molten metal, is soon molded by the hand of grace.

The heart of flesh is tender with affections towards God. The hard heart does not love the grey Redeemer, but the new heart burns with affections for Him. The hard heart is selfish and says, “why should I weep for sin? Why should I love the Lord God?” The heart of flesh says, “Lord you know I love you, help me to grow in my love for You.”

There are many privileges to the new renewed heart. Here the Spirit – the second person of the Trinity who is the Lord and the Creator – lives, here is Christ in us the hope of glory. This new person, this new creation is ready to receive every spiritual blessing as Ephesians 1 says. It is prepared to produce the fruit of the Spirit to the honour and praise if God. love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. A tender heart is the best defense against both temptation and the sin that so quickly follows. It is the best preparation for heaven.

The heart of flesh, the new heart, the new man, waits for the second coming of the Lord Jesus who will come on the clouds from heaven in all glory to save those waiting for Him.

Do you have this new heart? Have you been born again? Do you have a heart of flesh? Do you have a new spirit? Is there a newness if life to you? Have your sins been washed away by the blood of Jesus the only Messiah?


This commentary is based on the work of Charles Spurgeon

To know God is the highest and best form of knowledge