Ephesians 3:8

My master has riches beyond the count of adding numbers, the measurement of reason or the dreams of imagination. They are unsearchable. I could look and study and weigh but Jesus is a greater Saviour then I think Him to be, even when my thoughts are at their greatest.

My Lord is more ready to forgive then I am to sin. My Master is more willing to give me my needs then I am to confess them. Whatever we think about Jesus let us not think small thoughts of him.

My Master has riches of happiness to pour down upon us right now. He can cause us to lie down in green fields and He can lead us next to still rivers. There is no music like the sounds from his pipe, when He is our Shepherd and we are His sheep and we lie down at His feet. There is no love like His. To know Christ and to be found in Him – this is life, this is joy. This is the richest and best wine imaginable. My Master does not treat His servants badly, He gives to us like a King gives to a king. He gives us two heavens: one right now and one to come for the Kingdom of heaven is here and is to come.

His unsearchable riches will best be known in eternity. As we walk this life He gives us all and more then what we need, but after we die or when He returns – whichever happens first – we will experience His riches in a whole new way. There we will see Him face to face and faith will be no more. Know we have His faith given to us through His word – but in that day faith and hope will be no more because we will be with Him face to face. There will only be love.

The unsearchable riches of Christ: His forgiveness, His power, His wisdom, His glory, His grace, His faith, His love, His wrath, His authority over Demons and Satan and so in the list goes – this is the song for us to sing now on earth and the sing of heaven. Oh the infinite riches of Jesus the Messiah. Lord teach us more and more about your unsearchable riches.


This commentary is based on the work of Charles Spurgeon

To know God is the highest and best form of knowledge